My love affair with clay began in the early 1990s when I began taking lessons at a local stoneware studio in Winnipeg. Although there were some heavy duty sparks between us initially, we sadly parted ways when I moved to Montreal to study and then work in the marketing field. We toyed with the idea, but neither of us were into the long distance relationship thing at the time. We were young and not terribly interested in long term commitments.

I moved to Vancouver in 1998 and have since made it my home. It is here that I have gotten reacquainted with pottery. We were causally seeing each other for a few years while I continued to work as a marketer. I kept pottery as a hobby, but soon came to a realization that it was a passion that I wanted as a central fixture in my life. It was time to make a lifetime commitment to one another. Since our engagement, I have been seeking further means of developing my art through education and exposure to more seasoned clay artists. I am very pleased to be working out of my own home-based studio space - moving in together was a natural progression. We now live happily together, as I continue my adventures with clay.

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