Product List
Detail Id Product Name Style Product Function Description
Product Detail 48 french butter dishes red-rim pot French butter dishes
Product Detail 4 Pot with chopsticks red-rim pot pot with hole at top to hold chopsticks
Product Detail 11 Red - Black Vases red-rim vase Red and black vases
Product Detail 23 Red Rimmed Teapot red-rim teapot black teapot with cherry red rim
Product Detail 24 Red Rimmed Mug red-rim mug Squared off black mug with chrry red rim
Product Detail 25 Red rimmed bowls 3 red-rim bowl Red rimmed bowls - set of 3
Product Detail 26 red-rimmed pouring bottle red-rim bottle red-rimmed pouring bottle
Product Detail 12 Charcoal leafing lidded jar leafing bowl Charcoal leafing lidded jar
Product Detail 5 Coffee Set leafing tray tan tray, creamer and sugar bowl
Product Detail 8 Charcoal leafing Honey Pot leafing pot Charcoal leafing Honey pot
Product Detail 10 Charcoal leafing Tray with Handles leafing tray Charcoal leafing tray with handles
Product Detail 49 leafing bowls leafing bowl leafing bowls
Product Detail 40 leafing blue bowl leafing bowl leafing blue bowl
Product Detail 45 Glass on glaze 3 plates glass-on-glaze platter Glass on glaze 3 plates
Product Detail 46 Glass on glaze 3 platters glass-on-glaze platter Glass on glaze 3 platters
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